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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Opinion: Peter Lyons – Maybe we should be teaching our young the wisdom of...

A different sort of reflection from Peter Lyons about how today’s students could benefit from learning about ancient philosophies and beliefs.

Opinion: Sam Oldham – Teach First NZ expanding at student expense

Sam Oldham argues that Teach First NZ’s practice of putting trainee teachers in low-decile schools forces students at these schools to participate in someone else’s training.

The untold value of consistently effective teachers

Don't blame teachers for educational inequality; instead, believe that they can make a real difference, says Chief Executive of Teach First NZ: Ako Mātātupu Jay Allnutt.

Response: Derek Olphert – Is Auckland University flogging off the Epsom site for a...

Derek Olphert says careful consideration needs to be given to the various issues affecting the University of Auckland’s decision to vacate its Epsom campus.

Opinion: Karen Spencer – Why the NCEA Review misses the blueprint for change

Karen Spencer says we risk simply tinkering with the goalposts of a qualification when the real game-changers are our own mental models about curriculum design.

Opinion: Alwyn Poole – NZ’s education system fails based on race and wealth

Alwyn Poole discusses some major flaws of New Zealand’s education system and poses 10 potential solutions.

Response: Teacher Education Refresh programme is working

The Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (formerly Education Council) responds to criticism of the Teacher Education Refresh programme.

Opinion: Guy St Clair – PTEs must harness tech to ride the education boom

New Zealand Private Training Establishments (PTEs) need to embrace technology to tap into the international education market.

Opinion: Judy McGregor – Women still struggle to make top of academia

The struggle to achieve gender equality in tertiary education is a glass half-full story.

Opinion: Roger Partridge – NCEA Review – Big Opportunities or Big Mistake?

Chairman of the NZ Initiative Roger Partridge says the way the government is going about the NCEA Review may do more harm than good.


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Tomorrow’s Schools Issue 4: Disability & Learning Support – A SENCO...

In an eight-part series, Education Central looks closely at the key issues addressed by the taskforce in the Tomorrow’s Schools Review report. The fourth issue is disability and learning support. Will Education Hub management and a learning support coordinator in every school help bring about the change needed?

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