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Opinion: Mark Barrow – Budget boost: promising, but could do better

Mark Barrow says the Government would be better to address the chronic teacher supply problem by filling the spaces in existing university programmes.

Opinion: Alwyn Poole – If I were the Minister

Alwyn Poole of Villa Education Trust says if he held the top job in Education he would super-fund low decile schools, limit class sizes, incentivise teachers, and make every year urgent.

Opinion: Chris Baker – Coal to heat classrooms should never be a dirty secret

In response to a recent article condemning the use of coal-fired burners to heat classrooms, chief executive of Straterra Chris Baker says we shouldn't take such a simplistic or blinkered view of coal and mining.

Opinion: Malcolm Bell – What Tomorrow’s Schools was all about – an implementer’s...

Malcolm Bell says we don't want to recreate the former controlling education boards, which is how the proposed education hubs are in danger of being perceived.

“Draining the harbour to save a sinking ship” – one ITO’s view of the...

Education Central asks Jane Wenman, chief executive of industry training organisation Careerforce for her views on the vocational education reforms and how the proposals could affect the health and wellbeing sector.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – We need more pragmatism and less ideology in education

Peter Lyons is concerned the Tomorrow's Schools review taskforce are intent on replacing one ideology with another.

Opinion: Grant Davidson – Industry training plan ultimatum not consultation

The Government's proposal to reform vocational education, and the way Education Minister Chris Hipkins is going about it, are shocking, writes Grant Davidson.

Opinion: Dr Graham McPhail – Do we throw out the music with the man?

Dr Graham McPhail says the Leaving Neverland documentary poses questions about Michael Jackson’s legacy in education generally, and in the music classroom in particular.

Opinion: Ann Milne – White supremacy in our classrooms

Will the wake-up call we have had as a nation to white supremacy, white superiority, and white privilege force us to rethink the recommendations of the Tomorrow's Schools Independent Taskforce? Dr Ann Milne confronts racism in our education system.

Opinion: Briar Lipson – Freedom, hubs and the curriculum

New Zealand Initiative Research Fellow Briar Lipson says the Tomorrow’s Schools independent taskforce wants to change the balance between freedom and control.


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