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Why I will be striking on Wednesday

PPTA President Jack Boyle says teachers and principals would far rather be doing something else other than striking – but this is "too damn important".

Opinion: Alwyn Poole – Why we won’t be striking tomorrow

Villa Education Trust's Alwyn Poole believes there is a better way to negotiate than harmful strikes.

Why I will be striking on Wednesday

Anna Voyce will be one of thousands of teachers around New Zealand striking on Wednesday. Here is her ‘why’.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – The downside of uber parenting

Peter Lyons says real resilience is shaped by real hardship, something that many parents of today try and circumvent for their children.

“Don’t forget about us” – Alternative Education’s plea

As teachers prepare to strike, Dan Hawke of Youth Nelson makes a compelling plea on behalf of alternative education providers to mainstream educators: We fully support you; please support us.

Opinion: Peter Lyons – Another grim scientific report exposes the limitations of economic thinking

Peter Lyons suggests we should be teaching evolutionary studies in our schools. He argues that a greater understanding of human motivations may allow a more realistic approach in addressing the huge issues that confront us.

Response: Lesley Hoskin – Ample evidence for ITE programme requirements

Lesley Hoskin, interim chief executive for Teaching Council New Zealand argues that the Teaching Council's new initial teacher education programme requirements are based on evidence and sector consultation.

Opinion: Jay Allnutt – It’s not the route you take; it’s the difference you...

Teach First NZ chief executive Jay Allnutt argues that it is not the route you take to qualify as a teacher that matters, but about the difference you make for children.

Opinion: Mark Barrow – Budget boost: promising, but could do better

Mark Barrow says the Government would be better to address the chronic teacher supply problem by filling the spaces in existing university programmes.

Opinion: Alwyn Poole – If I were the Minister

Alwyn Poole of Villa Education Trust says if he held the top job in Education he would super-fund low decile schools, limit class sizes, incentivise teachers, and make every year urgent.


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