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Jacoby Poulain: Policies have huge impacts on education

Jacoby Poulain wants to raise awareness: the structures and systems that our government decides, directs and implements has phenomenal impact upon the individual lives of people.

Off the record: the realities of being an ECE teacher

A recent survey by Child Forum found that 46 per cent of responding early childhood education (ECE) teachers suffered stress and work-related injuries. Here, an ECE teacher in the South Island shares some workplace truths.

Off the record: Sir Ken’s talk missed the mark

One teacher who attended Sir Ken Robinson’s talk on Monday, said although it was entertaining it left him feeling “unenlightened and disappointed”.

Opinion: Flying the nest – what kohanga taught me

Ngaa Rauuira Pumanawawhiti says kohanga reo taught him a way of seeing the world

Opinion: Peter Lyons – A sad waste of $300 million of taxpayers’ money

Peter Lyons believes Communities of Learning (CoLs) are an ill-defined policy and a waste of money

Opinion: Susan Bates – group size matters in ECE

Early childhood education advocate SUSAN BATES argues that group size in early childhood education settings has an impact on children's development.

Opinion: Peter O’Connor – Tomorrow’s Schools reform urgently needed

Peter O’Connor says removing education as a political football could be this government’s greatest achievement.

Opinion: Jean Andrews – calming the back-to-school jitters

School Counsellors representative on New Zealand Association of Counsellors Jean Andrews discusses managing back to school anxiety.

Miss Snuffy and Mr Snake Oil on 21st-century learning

Lyall Lukey, convener of Education Leaders Forum 2018, examines some of the views expressed by, among others, London headmistress Katharine Birbalsingh and her host Roger Partridge of the New Zealand Initiative, before, during and after the recent researchED conference.

Opinion: Russell Bishop – Māori education needs more than task force has proposed

The members of the Independent Task Force to Review Tomorrow's Schools were given a hospital pass by the Government. They were asked to do the impossible writes Russell Bishop.


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