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24/7 education: BYOD means learning doesn’t have to stop at bell-time

Home-time was when school finished with the three o’clock bell. In today’s world of digital connectivity, class can continue well beyond the school gates. This is the age of the BYOD – bring your...

Make space for makerspaces

From 3D printers and lasers, to robotics and coding, as well as the more traditional activities like woodwork and art, the philosophy encompasses a wide array of skills and interests. MakerBox founder Jess Weichler says...

Calls to halt Learning Support Coordinator roll-out

The initial allocation of Learning Support Coordinators has been described as flawed and unfair by some in the sector, prompting calls to halt the roll-out.

Low decile students need greater access to sporting events

The results of the University of Auckland and National Institute for Health Innovation research which analysed perceptual data from more than 2,400 New Zealand parents, found families from lower socio-economic areas were more likely...

Time to Bee Aware

Co-ordinated by Apiculture New Zealand, Bee Aware Month has been running for nine years.  A key part of this campaign has been engaging primary school children in the fascinating world of the honeybee and...

New app easing first day of school fears

We all remember our first day of school – the excitement and fear of stepping into an educational journey that can set us up for life. Research suggests that good transitions in and out of...

Children reaping benefits of play-based learning at school

Learning through play is an integral part of child development and many schools have adopted it into their curriculum.   Play-based learning is a pedagogical approach where play is a valued method of learning, different types...

Late birthday boosts high-school achievement – study

Children born in the later half of each year have a better chance of doing well at high school years later, a new study suggests. A prize-winning study by University of Canterbury economists Asaad Ali...

School choice set to tighten as population squeezes school rolls

School choice is set to tighten across Auckland as new housing developments force more schools to close their doors against out-of-zone families. A National Education Growth Plan unveiled yesterday says enrolment schemes will be required...

Primary teachers reach agreement, but principals reject settlement

While primary teachers have voted to settle their collective agreement, primary principals have rejected a settlement due to concerns over relativity with what senior teachers or deputy principals will be paid under this settlement, and over pay parity with secondary principals.


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Navigating Technological Disruption and Innovation in New Zealand

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Teacher finds dream job on ship

Sponsored Article Is it a school, a ship, a hospital – or all of the above? The Mercy Ship is home to an international crew...