By: Natasha Jojoa Burling

Some kindergartens may be forced to close on the North Shore and in west Auckland. (Photo/ Getty)

Struggling kindies in west Auckland and on the North Shore may have to close in five years if changes aren’t made.

A meeting was held in Browns Bay last night after 300 parents signed a petition against reports of longer opening hours and fewer holidays.

Northern Auckland Kindergarten Association (NAKA) general manager Kenny Halliday said there’s no plan to do that, but admits it’s one of the options.

He said NAKA kindies are facing challenges including shorter waiting lists, some falling rolls, large building upgrade costs and competition with daycare centres.

“It could get to the stage where we have to seriously look at whether we keep certain services open that are struggling the most, and concentrate on the ones that are currently working well,” he said.

Kenny Halliday said any changes would be done with full consultation.

Frances Cross, who collected 300 signatures against proposed changes to some north and west Auckland kindergartens, is glad parents are finally being consulted.

Ms Cross said a couple of NAKA kindies were given the option of getting rid of holidays or opening for a full school day, but parents weren’t told.

“They were forced to recognise that the community care and they were forced to consult, and I think that’s awesome.”

She had no response from the organisation until the petition began and parents started sending in emails.

Source: Newstalk ZB


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