By John Gerritsen, of RNZ

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven the biggest-ever increase in home-schooling enrolments, with 619 more children learning from home in July this year than at the same time last year.

The jump to a total of 7192 children followed several years in which home education has been rising by about 200 per annum.

But home educators told RNZ they had expected a much bigger jump following the national lockdown, which forced 800,000 schoolchildren to learn from home.

Auckland Home Educators group director Adrian Koit said he thought the lockdown would prompt a lot more people to start educating their children at home.

“I was quite surprised because we were expecting a tsunami of inquiries coming through and a tsunami of people wanting to find out more about home-schooling, but we didn’t actually.”

He suspected many of the families that switched to home-schooling this year were probably already on the cusp of doing it anyway.

“If they were for example considering home-schooling but weren’t quite sure and then Covid came along and gave them a little push if you like and found the scenario worked for their family and for their children and then decided ‘hey, I can make this work’.”

Christian organisation Home Schooling New Zealand principal Todd Roughton said the pandemic drove a big increase in inquiries, but a much smaller increase in enrolments.

Article Source NZ Herald.


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