21C Skills Lab has launched a new programme focused on teachers to ensure they are connected and skilled for the future of business. 

The Edternships Programme invests in exceptional Y7-13 teachers by connecting them with a leading New Zealand business in their region for a five-day, hands-on experience to build their understanding of the 21st-century skills required by employers and develop a rich, real-world learning experience for their students.  

“We wanted to offer teachers who were passionate about ensuring their students were prepared for the new world of work, the opportunity to understand business and what is required to prepare students for the new world of work, says co-founder 21C Skills Lab, Justine Munro. 

The programme will see teachers spend five days with a business, learning, observing and getting hands on experience so they can be ahead of the game on real world, project-based learning  the learning of the future.  

According to Munro, it’s a win win for all, with businesses getting right to the heart of skills development and pathways exploration opportunity by supporting the teachers themselves. 

“Businesses will need young people with the 21C skills to succeed in their industries, now and in the future. By giving teachers first hand insight we are ensuring synergies between the classroom and the office,” says Munro. 

The programme starts in 2020 and is currently calling for applicants. 



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