By: Simon Collins

Lynda Stuart says it’s the first time she can recall the ministry using video to try to persuade teachers to accept a pay offer. Source – Facebook/

The Ministry of Education is being slammed for “corrupt” use of taxpayers’ money for a video trying to persuade primary teachers to accept the ministry’s latest pay offer.

video released on the ministry’s Facebook page on Thursday says a teacher called “Jessie”, who is on the top of the current pay scale, will get an $11,101 pay rise from $71,891 to $82,992 by November 2020 under the ministry’s latest pay offer.

The video has inflamed many teachers who are calling it “a breach of good faith” as teachers are about to begin a week-long electronic vote starting on Tuesday on whether to accept the pay offer.

Rachel Evans, principal of a small rural Auckland school, commented that the video “doesn’t seem appropriate in the middle of good-faith bargaining”.

“Disappointing. Appalling. Dishonest,” she wrote.

Alice Robinson, a Wellington advocate for children with learning differences, called for the resignations of ministry head Iona Holsted and deputy head Katrina Casey if they approved the video.

“This is incredibly corrupt behaviour when you are in the middle of negotiating a collective agreement,” she said.

NZ Educational Institute (NZEI) president Lynda Stuart declined to comment, but said she could not recall the ministry producing videos aimed at persuading teachers to accept pay offers before.


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