Education New Zealand (ENZ) has been awarded top honours for a social media campaign that nods to Kiwis’ playful sense of humour, at the PIEoneer Awards, held in London on Friday, 7 September.

The campaign beat out a wide-range of global competitors to win Marketing Campaign of the Year for its 1 Million Cents Scholarship. The campaign was launched to celebrate ENZ’s milestone of reaching a global social community of 1 million followers across its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, Weibo and Snapchat ‘Study in New Zealad’ platforms.

Paul Irwin, ENZ General Manager Student Marketing, said that in addition to celebrating this milestone number of followers, ENZ wanted to encourage its social community to share with their peers why they’d like to study in New Zealand – and in doing so endorse New Zealand as a study destination.

“As a small country, with a small marketing budget, we are at risk of being overshadowed by bigger players. So, like all Kiwi organisations operating globally, we need to be smart and make the most of our strengths.

“One of these strengths is our cheeky and self-effacing sense of humour.

“To turn a tiny budget into a big conversation – to challenge the likes of the US and the UK, we rewarded our loyal followers with the chance to win a ‘1 Million Cents Scholarship’ on our Facebook page.

“Entries exceeded our expectations – we had a large number of applications from prospective and current students, and campaign entries highlighted New Zealand’s reputation for high quality education.

“Interestingly, while we anticipated that most entries would refer to our famous landscapes, film and adventure, the opposite was true.

“Most prospective students who entered had a clear understanding of New Zealand’s education system, our impressive global rankings and our innovative teaching and learning spaces – and these were seen as drawcards.

“Their comments communicated to their peers more powerfully and authentically than we would why studying in New Zealand is a smart choice,” said Paul.

The winner of the scholarship, announced 1 September 2017, was 17-year-old Korean student, Matthew (Taewook) Kang. Matthew originally came to New Zealand to study at Hamilton Boys’ High School and with the support of the scholarship chose to attend AUT, Auckland, to study a Bachelor of Art and Design.

“Matthew chose New Zealand as a high school student because of New Zealand’s emphasis on individuals’ talents and interests, as well as our international credentials in fashion – his dream career path.

“We are delighted to be able to help him on this journey,” said Paul.


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