Designed by Civil Contractors New Zealand (CCNZ), Epic is a career promotion platform aimed at encouraging more Kiwis to work on road, water, energy and internet infrastructure.

At its launch last year, CCNZ chief executive Peter Silcock said the career opportunities in civil trades and infrastructure have been a hidden gem for too long.

“Epic aims to show people the gateway to a successful career they can be proud of; one where they can work as part of a great team in the outdoors instead of being stuck behind a desk; one where they can build something they can point out to their children in 20 years’ time.”

The campaign is now visiting New Zealand schools in the Careers Coach, which is a large truck full of video kiosks that will play a series of young contractor videos.

Epic also has a website, social media channels and printed toolkits of posters and guides sent to contractors across New Zealand. A digital toolkit includes videos and images featuring work in the industry.

Silcock said the campaign focuses on five themes that are known to attract people to the industry:

  • Technology
  • The scale of projects and equipment
  • Team spirit
  • Working in New Zealand’s great outdoors
  • The massive difference the work makes to people’s everyday lives.

The sector already employs 40,000 people but needs thousands of new workers to build houses and work on Government investment projects.

“Since launch, [Epic] has reached over 400,000 New Zealanders, been included as part of more than 30 careers events, and built an engaged social media audience,” says CCNZ.

The next step is to connect employers so career seekers can identify work opportunities directly if they are inspired by the EPIC campaign.

Quantity surveyor

These people calculate and order the amounts of materials required for civil construction projects. This is a fine art, and also includes organising heavy machinery such as excavators and earthmoving trucks and skilled workers as well as raw materials. Because of this, a delicate balancing act is required to get the best results from projects and work as efficiently as possible. Only the best rise to become quantity surveyors as they are the ones who work on the bids provided to clients.

Source: YUDU


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