The woman, who has name suppression because of the impact on her child, has had her teacher’s registration cancelled after it was revealed she had performed the sexual act on the male student after a year 13 leaver’s dinner in 2015.

Details released by the NZ Teacher’s Disciplinary Tribunal show she had gone to the dinner intoxicated after drinking at her home beforehand. She then sneaked vodka into the event, which staff and students knew was a non-alcohol event.

The decision says that throughout the night it was noticed she was behaving strangely and later got up from the teachers’ table to sit at a table where students were, including the male student involved in the incident.

She began playing ‘footsie’ with the said student, who tried to ignore her.

After refusing a ride home with several teachers who offered, saying that her husband was coming to pick her up, she then accepted a ride home with some students.

Inside the car, where the student involved sat also, she sat on his lap before telling the student at the wheel to stop to let them out.

The teacher and student then began kissing, before she performed oral sex.

The decision shows the school principal found out about the incident the next day as several student groups drove past the pair and talk of the incident had circulated in the school.

The teacher involved later resigned and initially denied performing oral sex on the senior student.

“She later accepted that her level of intoxication left open the possibility that the alleged sexual activity could have occurred.

“Overall, the Tribunal found the teacher’s conduct amounted to serious misconduct at a very high level and that members of the public could reasonably conclude that the reputation and standing of the profession is lowered by the teacher’s behaviour.”

It is understood the woman has since left the area in which the incident occurred and is embarking on a new career.

Source: Hamilton News


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