Fencing firms around the country are crying out for workers.

The firms say they offer good money and rewarding work, but they can’t find anyone who can fill their jobs.

The requirements of the role were that people were fit, reliable, had transport to get to work and the ability to learn and work with others.

Fencing workers start out on about $18.50 an hour and work their way up to $35 an hour with a decent level of experience.

19-year-old Murray Graham told Mike Hosking what started of as holiday work at the end of the school year developed into a full time job.

“It is extremely hard work, but it’s a rewarding job. I find a lot of satisfaction building the fences, the amount of work you put to make a good quality product makes it all worth it”

Graham says that although it is a physically demanding job, he finds the occupation satisfying.

“People think it’s a dumb persons job, but it is a very skilful job, especially if you are doing it yourself. People are afraid of hard work.”

Graham says that while at secondary school, he found many of the teachers pushed the students towards pursuing college and universities.

“It was all about what you can study when you leave school, what certificates you need. There is desperately a stigma if you decide to go against the grain and do something different.”

Source: Newstalk ZB


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