It’s comments like this – from a happy client recently – that make Jason Whitelaw, co-owner of Beyond Fitness in Tauranga, certain that he’s in the right business.

“It’s those feel-good moments that fire me up and make me want to continue finding ways to help people with improving their lives,” says Jason.

The 29-year-old has been at the helm of Beyond Fitness with business partner Dave for two years.

Prior to this Jason spent years working in the personal development sector. After completing school in Christchurch, Jason studied outdoor recreation, which led him into a career in personal development where he assisted people with motivation, leadership, communication and other personal skills. His role as a personal development coach took him all around the world; he has worked in the UK, Australia and in New Zealand with schools, teams and workplaces to assist them with performance improvement.

In more recent years Jason and his fiancée decided to move up to the Bay of Plenty. Jason saw this as a good opportunity to expand his skillset into the health and fitness field and he studied with the Open Polytechnic to gain a Level 4 Certificate in Personal Training.

Jason is very hands-on with his business, running one-on-one personal training sessions and small group classes to help clients attain their health and fitness goals. Outside of training clients he focuses on managing staff, marketing, writing blogs, and developing corporate wellness material.

The hardest part for Jason as a business owner is balancing the time he spends working ‘on’ the business with the time he spends ‘in’ it.

“With a lot of my time at work spent training clients, sometimes I feel it can take away from my ability to assist the team and develop the types of business systems that will support long-term growth. It’s a very fine line between trying to work on the business while still servicing clients to keep the cash flow rolling in!”

Jason has his sights set on expanding the business further.

“Something I would like to focus more on at work is sharing healthy ideas with the masses. I have a background in presenting and coaching and I like sharing inspirational ideals with large groups of people. This is something we look at growing in the future at Beyond Fitness with the development of Corporate Wellness sessions delivered around the Bay of Plenty.”

It won’t be long before their goals take shape – since its inception Beyond Fitness has seen swift growth and continues to go from strength to strength. Jason’s enthusiasm for helping people to achieve their goals is infectious.

“Everyone has a birth-given right to be great,” he says, “A lot of people don’t realise this or have forgotten it somewhere along the way. I am passionate about helping people unlock that potential and ultimately become better human beings.”


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