Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern presented the award to Andrew Tang at a ceremony at Parliament today. Photo / Mark Coote

A former Scots College student has been awarded this year’s Prime Minister’s Award for Academic Excellence.

Andrew Tang received the award at the New Zealand Qualifications Authority’s annual Top Scholar Award ceremony, held at Parliament today.

“The award recognises achievement at the highest overall level of academic excellence. Andrew’s achievement as a New Zealand Scholarship student is something he and his school can be extremely proud of,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

“Receiving six New Zealand Scholarships, six Outstanding Scholarship awards and a Top Subject Scholar award in Economics, Andrew’s accomplishment illustrates what can be attained through hard work and dedication, and the support of schools and whanau.

“While studying at Scots College, Andrew achieved a remarkable amount at high levels in a range of sporting, cultural and community activities.

“He has also been awarded the Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Award, a Royal Society of New Zealand Scholarship to the London International Youth Science Forum, and won the New Zealand Youth Award for his science video tutorials.

“I congratulate Andrew on his accomplishments and look forward to his success in his chosen future path.

“Alongside Andrew today, there were 37 students recognised for their academic accomplishments in the 2017 New Zealand Scholarship Examinations, including 11 Premier Award winners, and 35 Top Subject Scholar Award recipients.

“These young students are taking steps forward in an exciting time for New Zealand’s education and career skills and will likely forge a path that will include new skills and careers as New Zealand identifies our future needs.

“I am excited to see how these students develop and discover their future potential. I am confident they will make a major contribution to New Zealand.”

More than 9,800 students participated in the examinations in 2017, with 2,414 students being awarded one or more scholarships.

The Prime Minister’s Award for Academic Excellence was established and presented for the first time in 2011.

Source: NZ Herald


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