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Funny Girls star Laura Daniel to host ‘Spookers-meets-Survivor’-style zombie show

Funny Girls star Laura Daniel has ditched the laughs to host a zombie show in a forest, which premieres next month on TVNZ OnDemand.


We are sure social media influencers-in-the-making practised their best screams and terrifying facial expressions in the hope it may bring in some followers.

The contestants are left stranded together in a New Zealand forest, with their only company being hordes of zombies.

Their job is to survive the wild and the living dead over five days and nights.

Daniel says she never expected to host a show full of zombies and hints that a bit of romance might have turned up the zombie-genre takes on the show.

We will have to watch to see if said romance is between contestants or zombies or both.

“Being someone who is terrified of jump-scares, and because the zombies liked to stay in character, I thought it would be a smart move on my behalf to become mates with the zombies. That way they didn’t come up and scare me too much,” says Daniel.

She says the contestants were all very eager with a great sense of humour and were most freaked-out realising that they had to survive in the wild for a whole week.

“There definitely was a competitive spirit among them. The people who did come on the show were all quite athletic and by the end of the competition, we were all rooting for them to get through the course. They bonded so fast and came up with some great methods for survival — all on their own, too,” she says.

Daniel has watched her fair share of the zombie genre.

The forest situation did take her back to her scariest memory — when she was younger, she and her friend broke down on a deserted country road, which she says was just like a horror movie. Being in the wild was double horror for the comedienne.

Daniel adds: “Another scary moment … when I wake up in the morning and haven’t showered.”

– Ricardo Simich, NZ Herald


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