The flame is being lit for learners across New Zealand and Australia thanks to BFX’s support in creating flexible and purposeful learning spaces.

The Ministry of Education’s current Property Policy discusses the need for spaces that are future focused – but for every school the journey will be different, according to their pedagogical approach.

The prospect of creating diverse spaces to suit the many and varied needs of all learners can be as daunting as it is exciting.

That’s why BFX recommends an under-furnishing approach at the beginning of your school’s journey. Schools will soon find the spaces which students choose most often. It is far easier to add than subtract items, and of course better to avoid unnecessary spend.

BFX’s school furniture design and manufacturing business began in a humble shed in 1980. Fast forward to 2018 and their site is clearly more future-focused in a purpose-built and continuously expanding facility.

It is here that their dedicated research department operates and here where they developed and patented the design of SmarTables™, a table selection that can be quickly and easily adapted to suit the various learning activities on any given day.

Easily height-adjustable for every year level, with fully welded frames for durability, SmarTables are agile and mobile for easy movement and flexibility. They’re also available in a range of colours to inspire learning and creativity.

Corpus Christi School couldn’t be happier with the SmarTables they purchased for their learners.

“When they see this beautiful furniture – the quality of it – it really inspires them around their learning … we wanted to create an agile space, with flexible furniture that could be moved easily,” says principal Kerrie Piatek.

To achieve the best value for their expenditure, schools need to ensure that their choices today can meet their needs tomorrow. With most items having
a minimum seven-year warranty – the Pozzi classroom chair even has a market-leading 15-year warranty – BFX is helping schools to make their expenditure last.

Local specialists can advise and assist schools with choosing furniture to suit their learning environments. They will help schools through sizing and space combinations, so that the end solution is tailored to meet the needs of the school and its learners.

This can be achieved with the help of BFX’s 3D Room Planner, which allows schools to visualise and explore their spaces. The app can be used individually, in groups, or with students, to plan spaces collaboratively. It can be accessed at

BFX is committed to supporting schools in their individual journey to create flexible and purposeful future-focused learning spaces. They also have many standard products in stock that can be delivered within the same week they are ordered, allowing schools to get on with their business – inspiring future-focused learners for their world ahead.


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