Name: Lucy Morris
Age: 28
City/town: Wellington

What’s your job? Studio and creative director of Starcolt, a game development studio.

How did you get into this line of work? I’d been making games since I was young. After university I moved to Germany, where there are far more game studios, and realised it was a viable career. I started working at Ubisoft soon after, and the rest is history.

What does a typical working day look like for you? I catch up on emails and any things I need to address to keep the company moving. We have a team meeting at 10am and after that I work on game design and user interface documentation for the current game title we’re developing, while helping guide my other employees in their own tasks.

What qualifications or training did you need? I self-taught all the skills required for my job through exploration and creating my own projects, but there are also formal study programmes emerging for game development these days. It’s not a ‘typical’ industry where degrees and qualifications are prioritised – experience and portfolios are far more highly valued.

What are the best bits about your job? The best bit is your power to create interactive worlds out of nothing! Being able to see your creations come to life is a feeling that’s second to none.

What are the worst bits? Games are by nature quite complex to create – ‘fun’ is hard to quantify. Game design requires a lot of trial and error and a lot of tenacity to get from an idea to completion.

What’s your biggest career goal? I’ve actually already achieved it – it was to run my own studio making interesting, diverse games and we’re already doing that!

If you weren’t doing this job, what would you most likely be doing? I’m still super keen on becoming a paramedic, actually!


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