Teenage years, such a fruitful time to experience new things and feeling new things. The anxiety of entering a high school, the happiness you feel when you’re with a friend, the tiredness of late nights – it’s such an adventurous time filled with rollercoasters of emotions and crazy situations.

This is also the time when those little butterflies in your stomach are starting to act up and you are unsure why. Let’s look at the stages of love and some insights on what to do and what you should feel.

Starting to like a certain someone? Already have someone in mind when you read that sentence? Hun, you already have feelings for them but if you’re feeling unsure then why don’t you test it out more. Approach them first. They’re most likely just waiting for you to start showing signs or for you to actually start looking interested with them.

Build a friendship basis because even with all this romance going on, it’s better to have the friend-factor you can fall back to if things go wrong. Plus friends could be something more, right?

It’s also better to get to know them more and build trust. If you’re starting to like someone, it could just be attraction at first sight or attraction over something small. Get to know them as a person and fully percept if you two are compatible. Trust and communication are two key factors in a stage like this, especially when they’re making you certain types of ways that you’ve never felt before.

If it seems like you are compatible, you can further continue on like dropping hints and taking risks. Also know when you’re being honest to yourself, if you’re trying to stop these feelings for a reason, that’s understandable. But if you’re scared of risks and the rejection, don’t. It’s not the end of the world if you get rejected, it’ll be painful yes but it better to be true to your heart and to that person rather than keeping it all in.

If you are completely, utterly, absolutely sure that you 100% like them, confess! Risk it, it’s honestly not that bad. It’s just the anticipation and the nerves that makes everything so scary but once you say how you feel, it’ll feel more freeing and light for your chest. If they reject you, that’s okay, go back to the friendship stage and just be happy that they made you feel that way for a while. If they accept your confession and things go the way you want to, that’s awesome! I’m happy for you!

The whole idea and experience of love and attraction between two people is a big mess of confusion, excitement and possibly hurt – but these things will teach you lessons that can carry you in the future. Honestly, no one knows what they’re doing. There’s no specific step by step guide to win someone’s heart. Instead, follow your gut. Only you can pave your way into love and in the end, you should always have fun doing so.



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