There’s an emoji for almost every single person on earth these days, but there was one still missing.

Unicode have answered your redheaded prayers, and are bringing a selection of ginger emojis to their keyboard in their update on Tuesday.

The other new additions to the keyboard include Cupcakes, superheroes, bagels, toilet paper, kangaroos, and llamas.

The new emoji pack will add an additional 157 emojis to the already massive line-up bringing the total to a mind-blowing 2823.

If you are interested, here are all the new ones planned for 2018:

While the update is going live on Tuesday don’t expect to see it on your phones for a little while – as operating systems have to update their own keyboards for them.

But hopefully, there are some gingers out there who feel a little more included thanks to these new characters.

Source: Flava


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