Offering an online suite of creative educational resources for ages 8-12, the Mastercard and Scholastic partnership means that students, teachers and parents can engage with STEM topics while studying from home.

STEM careers include Fraud Detective, Software Engineer and Data Scientist.

Ruth Riviere, Mastercard country manager for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, says “There are a wide range of fun and thought-provoking resources available on the Girls4Tech website including activities relating to STEM topics like digital convergence, fraud detection techniques, Near Field Communications (NFC) and biometrics. The activities are designed for individual and collaborative learning.”

Prior to the nationwide lockdown, the programme was offered in three schools across the country, with more schools planning to offer the service to their students. These programmes are intensive, one-day courses designed to provide students with a series of hands-on activities, such as learning how algorithms can help to solve everyday problems.

With students learning at a different pace during the lockdown period, the Girls4Tech content will be reflecting this, “the activities are published on the website and shared via the Girls4Tech social channels, to give children and caregivers the ability to access the resources from a variety of places that best suit them,” says Riviere.

The resources are available at the Girls4Tech™ website, Facebook page and Twitter handle.







  1. The most ironic thing is that I did a degree in Statistics and the Information Sciences about 25 years ago. “Data Mining” was becoming a buzz word and companies were starting up loyalty programs to collect data and build datasets and profiles of their customers etc etc. The thing is, that stuff is all still relevant today and will be into the future. It uses Mathematical concepts that were tinkered with back in the 50s/60s. It isn’t new, it has just been repackaged as STEM etc.


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