The Hatch Youth Programme was launched today by the Pacific Business Trust, providing a combination of flexible tertiary education with real-world experience.

The programme targets Pacific youth aged 16-26 with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Developed by the Pacific Business Trust, Hatch revolutionises the saturated space of incubators and accelerators. The programme combines flexible tertiary education with real-world experience to support accelerated commercial growth. Through Hatch, Pacific youth are re-igniting their connection to the entrepreneurial spirit of their journeying ancestors. This is the migration of a new generation traversing the global economy and navigating the shifting landscape of emerging industries.

Chairman of the Pacific Business Trust, Fa’amatuainu Tino Pereira, believes Hatch will activate the abundance of hidden talent in Pacific communities.

“Through Hatch, we will be unleashing the talent and creativity of our young people and tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit we’ve always had as a migrant community,” says Fa’amatuainu.

“This is a pioneering programme by the Pacific Business Trust to continue to build our platform for the economic success of our Pacific communities.”

Kim Tuaine, CEO of the Pacific Business Trust, says flexible learning pathways have been created through partnership with Massey University, enabling young entrepreneurs are at the helm of their own learning.

They also get access to masterclasses taught by industry leaders within their fields of expertise, with the opportunity to get individual assistance from these experts.

“I’m really thrilled at the opportunity to provide tangible pathways for young people to thrive, have a voice of their own and develop business networks that are mutually supportive,” says Kim.

“I’ve been amazed and very appreciative of the support of our educational partner Massey
University and their willingness to be flexible and adopt a truly bespoke and collaborative approach to tertiary education for our Pacific youth in the Hatch programme. I’m excited to see what magic can happen, as a result of Hatch.”

The head of the Massey Business School Professor Ted Zorn says the university is proud to be supporting the Hatch initiative.

“This programme focuses on fostering innovation and creativity – something we believe is critical to the future success of New Zealand. We have no doubt that Hatch will help to build the capabilities ofyoung Pacific entrepreneurs so they can be successful in business and contribute to the collective wellbeing of their families and wider community.”

Minister for Pacific Peoples Alfred Ngaro visited the Pacific Business Trust to hear about the new programme and welcomed the launch.

The digital launch of the programme happened today with the official launch set for the 25th of October. Applications will open for the next generation of New Zealand business leaders on 2nd October 2017.


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