The Mind Lab today announced the launch of a new hands-on programmed targeted at 18-22-year olds unsure of their next step after finishing high-school. This comes as a response to last week’s Government initiative announcement, showing an increase of New Zealand youth between 15 and 24 years old not in employment, education or training.

HeyFuture! Is a three-week programme designed to offer practical experience before students enter into tertiary study, a gap year, or the workforce. Students network with a group of industry networks and inspiring speakers, including Ivan Davies, the creator of League of Legends, and Hollywood stunt double Jacob Tomuri.

“When I first finished school I had trouble finding direction and would have benefited from a programme like this. I’m excited to share my journey with students, inspiring them to take their next step with confidence,” says Jacob Tomuri.

During the course, students will build skills and real-life experience across a range of areas including technology, collaboration, creativity, curiosity and perseverance. They will then apply this new knowledge to tackle a live industry project.

“Our mission with this new course is to inspire, motivate and enthuse a group of students who may be less than certain of the future and their place in it,” says General Manager of The Mind Lab, Fiona Webby.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the impact this programme has on our youth in the hope that it will provide the opportunity for youth to over overcome inherited prejudices and develop self-management career strategies.


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