Name: Maggie Tweedy

Age: 24

City/town: Wellington

What is your job? RadioActive Breakfast Show host 

How did you get into this line of work? I began volunteering in 2015 at RadioActive. I completed a Bachelor of Communications in journalism at Massey University. In between several internships I got commercial experience volunteering at Radio Hauraki and shadowed people at Radio New Zealand for public broadcasting experience.

What does a typical working day look like for you? Arrive at 6.15am. Begin to research stories for the news at 7am – it’s a live broadcast from that time – and I then read the news. There’s music and at least one to two interviews in each hour until 10am. We have features every day, including a book and a film review, mindfulness and mental health, a segment with Wellington community lawyers and local politics with our mayor. Plus current affairs interviews, from scientists to policy advisors. 

What qualifications or training did you need? I have a Bachelor of Communications from Massey University in Wellington. The rest I learnt through years of volunteering. 

What are the best bits of the job? Broadcasting on a powerful platform means I get to connect with our diverse community and offer a voice for them. I’m really passionate about music and unlike most other stations, at RadioActive I and our other DJs get to choose the music we play. 

What are the worst bits? I’m entirely self-produced, meaning I push all my own buttons literally and figuratively. It’s quite a public platform to humiliate yourself on; you can lose your confidence in seconds from a sloppy voice break to a misinformed comment. But when you’re on your game, it can be amazing.

What is your biggest career goal? To continue broadcasting and be able to live comfortably financially. 

If you weren’t doing this job, what would you most likely be doing? I’m not sure I want to show all my cards just yet! 


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