Check out the salary ranges of roles advertised in the latter part of 2018.

Accounting $42,000–$125,000

Agriculture, fishing and forestry $37,000–$85,000

Architecture $45,000–$125,000

Automotive $37,000–85,000

Banking, finance and insurance $42,000–$125,000

Construction and roading $37,000–$145,000

Customer service $37,000–$65,000

Education $37,000–$85,000

Engineering $42,000–$125,000

Executive and general management $45,000–$207,000

Government and council $40–$145,000

Healthcare $40,000–$85,000

Hospitality and tourism $35,000–$63,000

HR and recruitment $45,000–$125,000

IT $45,000–$207,000

Legal $40,000–$115,000

Manufacturing and operations $35,000–$85,000

Marketing, media and communications $42,000–$125,000

Office and administration $37,000–$75,000

Property $42,000–$155,000

Retail $35,000–$65,000

Sales $37,000–$105,000

Science and technology $37,000–$105,000

Trades and services $37,000–$85,000

Transport and logistics $37,000–$80,000

Note: This data is for full-time roles listed between May 2018 and November 2018 and is a guide only. These pay rates don’t include overtime or bonuses, or parts of salary packages such as cars. The survey doesn’t cover people who are self-employed or own a business. Some jobs, such as specialist health jobs, are not included.

What impact does education level have on earnings?

Your level of education has been proven to have a big effect on how much you can earn. Generally, the higher your qualification, the more you will earn.

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