Encourage yourself: Encouragement can be internally or externally sourced. It’s advantageous to have support, to be told that you can do it, even if you don’t believe it yourself. Anything you put your mind to, you can make happen – really. It’s a valid saying. Everyone struggles sometimes, but encouragement can be what pulls you out of that. Encouraging yourself is also incredibly important, as, in reality, you can’t always rely on others. Simply taking a breath, tell yourself to keep trying, and the seemingly impossible task ahead will become much simpler.

 Meet your match: It’s common knowledge that competition can be the best motivation. Someone doing the same task as you can be the one to push you forward. Whether friend or foe, having a person with equal or higher intellect to try and surpass you gives a reason for you to push yourself. You could compete with others, however also with yourself. Perhaps you received a merit in one internal. Attempt to get an excellence in the next. If a standard is set, you’ll be more inclined to try.

Set goals: When you set a goal, you have something to work towards – a clear path to follow in order to achieve. Providing yourself with specific steps to attain your goal is invaluable, as you will always be aware of the next move to make. When all you have is a vague idea that you wish to ‘do well’, there’s no gauge which tells you whether you are on track, or whether you need to step it up. If you know what you need to do, there’s a much higher chance that you’ll be motivated to actually do what needs to be done.

 Make mistakes: Failure doesn’t really exist, because something positive can be taken from everything. When something happens in a way that you didn’t like, you can often repeat it, or learn from your mistake for next time. There is always room for improvement, and something to work on. That’s why it’s a positive feat when things to go downhill sometimes. It can make you try harder next time, and usually highlights what needs to change in order for you to succeed.

Have self-belief: Believe you can do something, and motivation will come with that belief. It’s all too common to put off something because you think it’ll be boring or difficult, when in reality, it’s completely achievable. Backing yourself will get you a long way, criticising yourself will not.

 Do what you love: If you voluntarily take part in things you dislike or show no interest towards, of course you won’t be motivated to try. If you pick subjects you don’t care about, or a degree you don’t like, motivation will not come easy. It’s not always possible, but when you are given a choice, it’s best to go for the option that you are guaranteed to enjoy, and thus have motivation towards.

See the bigger picture: Say you’re in school. How do you motivate yourself to finish that assessment you’ve been putting off? I’d suggest ‘looking at the bigger picture’, otherwise known as ‘broadening your perspective’. Think about it: school doesn’t last forever, so you might as well try to succeed while you’re there. You only get one high school education, so make the most of it.

Overall, you just have to find out what works for you. Everyone has motivation within them – it’s a matter of bringing it out, so that you can get things done.

Sarah is a Year 13 student who loves writing and the subject of English. She intends on one day becoming an Editor or a Technical Writer.


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