Be the motivation that others are looking for in their fitness goals. Photo / Pixabay

The job as a fitness instructor is suited for somebody who is energetic and enjoys working with people.

You’ll no doubt be a keen gym user yourself, and enthusiastic about sharing your tips, knowledge and healthy lifestyle with others.

$30k – $73k depending on experience, employer and type of contract.

How to train

There are no specific requirements to become a fitness instructor, however in most cases you are required to be registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). You need to hold a qualification approved by REP and either a first aid or CPR certificate to gain registration with the REPs.

Qualifications such as fitness instruction certificates, diplomas and degrees can be obtained from polytechnics, universities and private training establishments.

What education is required?

You should have at least NCEA Level 2 biology, science and physical education.

Other things you need to know

As a fitness instructor it is essential to be able to motivate others so you should have a patient and supportive demeanour and be good at communicating with people from a wide range of different cultures. You have to be able to explain and demonstrate exercises and give clear instructions.

You should be fit, healthy and strong and have good co-ordination.

You will usually work in shifts that suit your clients’ schedules such as early mornings, evenings and weekends. You might have to travel for your job if you work in multiple gyms.

Where could I work?

The work mostly takes place in gyms, recreation centres and fitness centres.

The chances of getting a job as a fitness instructor are good since more and more people are taking up fitness programmes.


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