Know how to communicate and sell just about anything? Teach others how to market their products and services.

You are interested in marketing and strategic planning? Here’s what you need to know about how to become a marketing specialist.

Who’s suited to be a marketing specialist?

The job is suited for people who like to be creative and strategic at the same time.

Average pay

$40k–$70k (marketing specialists with up to two years’ experience); $50k–$75k (marketing specialists with three or more years’ experience)

As a manager you can earn up to $140k.

How to train

It is usually required to have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in marketing, business economics, commerce, or in a related field.

What education is required?

A tertiary entry qualification is required to enter tertiary training. Subjects that might be useful for a career in marketing are English, maths with statistics, economics and accounting.

Other things you need to know

You will need strategic skills such as analysing, interpreting and planning.

The job as a marketing specialist also requires you to be creative and good at communicating. You will need to have strong skills in establishing and maintaining relationships with clients.

In order to meet deadlines you should be well organised and able to work under pressure.

As a marketing specialist you will usually work regular business hours but there might be some exceptions during busy times.

The demand is especially strong for marketing specialists who have digital skills and know how to make use of online channels and social media. It will be important to upskill and keep current in those areas.

Where could I work?

Marketing specialists are needed in a wide range of industries and can work for private or government-owned companies as well as local and regional government bodies or government departments.


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