Who’s suited to being a meteorologist?

You’ll be someone who’s fascinated by science, with a focus on weather and climate of course. You’ll be very detail-focused and analytical.

Average pay

$40k-$50k (new meteorologists); $70k-$165k (experienced meteorologists)

As a meteorologist in New Zealand you will most likely work for MetService. To become a trainee at MetService you will need to have at least a Bachelor of Science in maths or physics or another major that includes sufficient of those two topics.

If you want to work in research you are required to obtain a higher qualification. Usually this includes a Masters or Doctorate in physics, chemistry, maths, geography, meteorology or a related area such as atmospheric physics.

What education is required?

You need a tertiary entrance qualification to enter further training. Useful subjects for this career include physics, chemistry, maths, geography and English.

Other things you need to know:

If you work in forecasting you will have to work in shifts and it is important to be able to work in a team. Forecasting comes along with tight schedules so you should be organised and able to work under pressure to meet production deadlines.

If you want to work in research, you will need good investigative and analytical skills.

Where could I work?

The majority of meteorologists work for MetService and Crown research institutes. However, you might also work for government bodies, ministries, research consultancies or local authorities. Another option for meteorologists is to work at universities.

Most of the work as a meteorologist will take place in laboratories and offices, but you also might be required to work outdoors when carrying out fieldwork.

Source: YUDU


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