I think we can agree that high school is a stressful time. Ultimately, it’s because us students are given so much to worry about. Along with trying to understand who we are, there are internals, exams, career choices, part-time jobs, driver’s licences and relationships to keep our minds occupied, along with the matter of balancing sleep, a social life, and homework. The list of stress sources goes on, and it gets progressively more ridiculous.

My approach is always to remove the unnecessary worry, rather than attempt to manage it. How might you do this? It begins with focusing on what is important to you in relation to school, and ignoring the rest. If you don’t acknowledge the meaningless rubbish as a problem, then you can’t stress over it. 

Choose wisely what you focus on. It differs with each individual, but personally, I would say that getting the most out of your education is important. Doing your best to get good grades, whilst allocating time for fun. Keeping a balanced lifestyle. Maintaining relationships with family and friends. Staying healthy, safe and motivated. Setting yourself up for a fruitful future. It’s natural to feel stressed over important things like these. If you weren’t worried, you would be taking the easy route, and that never reaps reward.

We’ve covered what matters. So… what doesn’t? Pretty much everything else that might potentially stress you out, for example: what your hair looked like yesterday; the atrocious grade you earned on that first physics internal; your friendship drama with Jennifer (who, by the way, you’ll forget about after the end of Year 13). All the superficial stuff you would roll your eyes as if it was someone else panicking over it.

In the grand scheme of the entire universe, the majority of our time at high school is completely insignificant.

Humanity has split atoms, cured diseases, created art, languages, religions, societies – yet here we are, fixating on everything that doesn’t matter and letting our school lives be impacted by stressing over what will leave a lasting impression on… no-one! Keep that in mind the next time you find yourself feeling stressed. 

Author: Sarah Bisacre-Peters loves writing and the subject of English. She hopes one day to become an editor or a technical writer.


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