Teach First NZ recently partnered with technology firm Accenture NZ, the local branch of global digital and technology company Accenture, hoping Accenture NZ could help to upgrade and streamline their data processing and collecting services. The results were almost instantaneous, with Teach First NZ doubling their numbers of graduates from 40 to  80 in less than six months.

Teach First NZ recruits and trains the country’s top graduates and career-changing professionals to become inspirational teachers and leaders. Long term, the non-profit organisation aims to reduce educational inequalities.

Accenture NZ’s help has been highly effective, says CEO of Teach First NZ Jay Allnutt.

“Towards the end of 2017, we set a few goals: double the number of participants, grow our connections at schools across the country, and gather more insights through the data we have.  We are now wrapping up recruitment for 2018, and I’m happy to say we’ve met our goals.

“We will have about 80 participants teaching around 7,000 kids, doubling our impact from last year; we have increased engagement with schools by about 40 per cent and have gone completely national with our placements.

“We can now quickly pull these insights from Salesforce. We are so grateful to the Accenture NZ team for assisting us this past year, enabling us to reach our goals and continue to scale to reduce the inequality gap in New Zealand.”

Accenture NZ has committed to helping charities involved in getting skills they need to get viable employment. The company really enjoyed their involvement helping Teach First NZ, says Head of Cloud First Accenture New Zealand Daniel Lund.

“Accenture NZ helped Teach first NZ overcome their challenges as part of its corporate citizenship programme, called the Skills to Succeed initiative. Broadly we want to help organisations become more agile and effective.

“As you can imagine, a small organisation running on a lean budget dealing with universities, partner schools and graduates has a lot of systems to manage. They need systems to help them identify and train candidates, then look after them; manage information and systems that prevent gaps in the experience for all those involved.

“We met with the team to understand their objectives and worked to eliminate their ‘pain points’, i.e. what’s not going well. Is it something about your processes that the universities don’t like, for example?

“We also reviewed their recruitment and placement processes and made a number of changes, including consolidating and cleaning up duplicate data, optimising data processes and designing dashboard views that helped Teach First NZ perform, and put in place a portal for a better user experience.”


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