The Ministry of Education is pleased with the progress made so far with its recruitment drive for overseas teachers.

Over 5,800 applications have been received from overseas teachers, with hundreds currently making their way through the recruitment pipeline. The Ministry reports that over 800 overseas teachers are ready for primary and secondary schools to interview for them to start at the beginning of next year.

There have been 150 teaching roles accepted so far. Around a third of these are in the secondary sector, mostly in shortage subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“We are very pleased that our recruitment campaign to attract qualified teachers to New Zealand schools for the start of Term 1 has made such good progress,” says Ellen MacGregor-Reid, Deputy Secretary for Early Learning and Student Achievement.

“We are confident that the interest we are getting from overseas teachers on a daily basis is enough to meet demand for teachers in both primary and secondary schools.

“With more than 800 teachers ready for interview for the 270 teaching vacancies lodged with our recruitment agents this is an encouraging position for teacher recruitment ahead of the 2019 year.

“We are continuing to remind principals to advertise their vacancies by Friday 21 December to be in the best possible position to fill their roles in time.”

The Ministry reports that overseas teachers must meet the existing New Zealand standards for teaching qualifications, registration with the Teaching Council, and immigration requirements.

They will also receive induction support to understand the cultural context of New Zealand and the New Zealand Curriculum.


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