A new pathway for aspiring sport and exercise leaders has opened up with the launch of two new programmes.

Skills Active Aotearoa, the industry training organisation for sport and recreation has introduced two new online programmes, the Level 3 New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) and the follow-on Level 4 New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management).

The new courses will follow an innovative format. Skills Active is piloting a new cohort-based learning approach for both programmes. Enrolled trainees will be placed with a group of their peers in order to progress through the qualification together. These online groups will be supported by a dedicated facilitator.

“There are no classrooms, and no required readings,” says Skills Active chief executive Dr Grant Davidson. “The trainee taps into the documents, information and evidence that they are already gathering as part of their day-to-day work. They can study anywhere, anytime – and yet they still benefit from a group learning experience with the support of their facilitator, assessor and peers.

“We are excited to offer these flexible and tailored qualifications for the sport, recreation and performing arts industries, which will broaden training opportunities for our workforce around the country,” Dr Davidson says.

The programmes will likely appeal to those on the front lines in sport, exercise, community recreation, snowsport, outdoor recreation and performing arts.

“What’s special about these new certificates is that they are true full-service programmes,” says Davidson.

Any trainee who matches the entry requirements can complete the qualification, no matter the size or the location of the business they are in, he says.

The Level 3 programme is suitable for aspiring or junior team leaders who want to build the foundations of a management career. It covers fundamental skills including principles of team performance, problem-solving, decision-making, professionalism and ethics.

The Level 4 programme is designed for trainees who are already managing staff and wish to step up their leadership abilities. Its content includes managing and motivating teams, promoting an inclusive environment, and complying with policies and legislation.

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