Whanganui High School student Karla Mills is looking forward to wearing trousers to school in 2018. Photo / Supplied

Karla Mills is looking forward to wearing trousers to school in 2018.

The 15-year-old Whanganui High School was sent home from school one day last year for wearing trousers, as this breached the school’s uniform policy for girls.

The issue received national attention after Karla took her story to TVNZ show Fair Go. The item aired in July.

As the result of a uniform review, Whanganui High School will now allow girls at all levels, as well as junior boys, to wear trousers as part of the winter uniform if they wish. Trousers are already part of the senior boys’ winter uniform.

Karla told the Wanganui Chronicle she was pleased by the school’s decision – although she was just as happy that junior boys can now wear trousers.

“Everyone has caused a big fuss over my fight for ‘girls wearing pants’, when really I want everyone to have the option. Warmth doesn’t have an age.”

Karla said she would be just another Whanganui High School student in 2018 and wear pants if she wanted to.

“I will be returning to Whanganui High School, and will wear pants whenever I feel like it. I’m not going to always wear them to make my point, I will wear them when I feel necessary.”

Karla said she had received plenty of feedback over her public stance on wearing trousers.

“I got a lot of negative and positive reactions from students, both at my school and around other schools, and from teachers and other adults too,” she said.

As part of the uniform review, the school sent out a survey to all parents and students. The school received around 400 responses from parents, and the same number from students – which represents about 30 per cent of the student population.

The school’s decision makes Whanganui High School the only secondary school in Whanganui to allow girls to wear trousers as part of its regular uniform. Girls in Whanganui City College’s military academy wear trousers while on parade.

Other changes have been made to Whanganui High School’s uniform, including changes to the colour of some uniform items and allowing girls to wear strap shoes if they wish, rather than sandals or lace-up shoes.

Source: NZ Herald


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