By: Miranda Cook

Nikki Kaye has fired criticism at her successor Chris Hipkins. Photo/File

The Government is being warned not to be too hasty in reforming the education system.

The new Education Minister Chris Hipkins is scrapping National Standards for numeracy and literacy, in favour of schools choosing their own assessment methods.

Under the proposal, league tables will also be a thing of the past.

But National’s Nikki Kaye said there’s no clear detail of what will replace the current system, and that’s scary.

“They are ideologically bent on getting rid of national standards while not being clear on what they will replace it with. I think that is a bit irresponsible,” she said.

The idea is said to favour learning instead of tests, but the government hasn’t given much detail on exactly how that model will work.

Kaye, who was Education Minister in the last government, said there must be some consistency across the board.

“The reason that it’s important to collect and have good information about how children are doing in numeracy and literacy is so they can actually target those schools and children that need help.”

Source: Newstalk ZB


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