Late last year Smartphone maker OPPO was inundated with applications for its advertised three-month paid internship role as a social media influencer.

Auckland law student Lucy Clarke applied with the view it would work well as a summer job, while university was out.

“It’s literally the dream job,” Clarke told the Herald on Sunday.

She’s now travelling around Australia and so far has been flown to Cairns and Tasmania.

“We went out and did some exploring in the rain forest and that kind of thing – we captured some really cool content,” she said,

“The thing with Cairns and Tasmania, I wouldn’t have known to go there.

“Being put on a plane and flown to these beautiful places… you can’t help thinking ‘wow, I’m getting paid to do this!'”

The role entails being flown around New Zealand and Australia to picturesque, Instagrammable locations, for the sole purpose of capturing and sharing content on OPPO and Clarke’s social media profiles.

A spokeswoman for OPPO New Zealand said Clarke was being paid hourly, “well above minimum wage” for the internship.

Her travel expenses were also covered and Clarke has been given OPPO’s new flagship smartphone, the R17 Pro.

She has been shooting some of the photos for her feed on her new gadget.

A professional photographer for the company added to this collection with photos of her and the Australian intern – Alex Bradley.

Clarke is in her fifth year of a law and arts degree through the University of Auckland and is due to wrap up at the end of this year.

Her plan at the end of this year hadn’t changed – she would still take a break from law, as planned, for a stint of travel.

Weighing up a life as a paid influencer and a career in law was difficult, she said. She’d ideally like to do a bit of both.

“At the end of the internship it will give me a lot more insight as to the travel influencer kind of lifestyle.

“I do love my law degree and do want to practise law at some point – I guess it’s about working out how it might all fit together.

For now, the main thing in her sights was graduating.

Then she was planning on travelling to London at the beginning of next year, and using this as a base to explore Europe.

Source: YUDU


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