After watching singer Crystal Collins “butchering” the New Zealand national anthem at the Kiwis versus England rugby league game, three Porirua College students are showing us how it should be sung!

Tiresa Foma’i, Rosetta Lopa and Anastasia Sirila – who have been singing together since intermediate school – make up the a cappella group Le Art.

The girls practice every day after school and over weekends – and their hard work and dedication is eveident in their spine-tingling harmonies.

“With all the news circulating around our anthem, we just thought it made sense to share our version of it,” Lopa said.

And the key to a good national anthem?

They say, simply, “singing it with pride”.

The girls’ rendition of the national anthem has since had over 564,000 views and been shared over 9,900 times!

Source: Flava


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