The fight to remove religion from public high schools in New Zealand is much closer to being heard.

In a rare move, the case is being transferred from the Human Rights Tribunal to the High Court.

This takes about five years off the potential wait time for the case to be heard.

Secular Education Network spokesperson David Hines says he’s thrilled about that.

“We hope that we may get our case heard Christmas if we are lucky or the first half of next year.”

He says only providing Christianity studies is impacting our children’s knowledge.

“This labels people on both sides of the fence, and that’s really segregation of our schools, so we want those laws declared inconsistent with the Bill of Rights Act.”

Hines says the laws for education haven’t been reviewed since 1964.

“These laws have never been tested against the Bill of Rights Act, they are basically saying its time its happened.”

Source: Newstalk ZB


  1. There is already provision for schools to have other religious groups if the school community wants it. The SEN is trying overrule school communities who want the current groups they have. What about the right of school communities to decide for themselves?

  2. Legislating religion out of schools is taking the easy way out. Let’s grapple with the issue and see how best to manage it. It will only make our curriculum – and our young people – stronger if we can learn how to handle it.


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