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In a tree-lined street just minutes from downtown Auckland, a group of keen learners practise the peaceful philosophy of mindfulness. (Except this isn’t a group of stressed-out city workers, squeezing in a session along with their lunchtime smoothie and muffin.)

They are children aged just three to five years, pausing for a moment of calm. These inquisitive, fun-loving children are fortunate to attend Ficino Preschool, which focuses on experiential learning and a philosophically inspired education.

With more than 5,000 different childcare and preschool facilities in New Zealand, Ficino Preschool is proud to be unique. The Mt Eden preschool’s holistic curriculum balances the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of each child. They are encouraged to experience each moment through play, and to love and care for each other and the environment.

The Preschool teachers bring a range of skills that include dance, art, music, yoga and science that add an extra dimension to the children’s daily experiences.  These, together with numeracy and literacy, are woven through the fabric of their daily learning in a way that encourages the children’s focus, participation and engagement.

Ficino Preschool has created a haven for young children to grow in self-belief and confidence where they are encouraged to experience and practise new skills. Self-awareness and mindfulness techniques like ‘the Pause’ provide welcome pockets of calm in a stimulating day.

This unique preschool is so close to central Auckland, just a couple of minutes from the North-Western and Southern motorway on-ramps, and the Khyber Pass off-ramp, making the preschool convenient for morning drop offs. Next door is ‘big sister’, Ficino School, which caters for boys and girls Years 1-8.

Treating others with respect and courtesy is part of everyday life at Ficino Preschool.

What parent wouldn’t want that?

The Ficino Preschool welcomes children of all cultures, faiths and religions.

To arrange a visit and find out more www.ficino.school.nz/preschool



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