The Ministry of Education is considering a statutory intervention for McAuley High School in South Auckland.

The helping hand comes after the Ministry notified the Board of Trustees they had “concerns about the operation of the school”.

Newshub is reporting the school’s principal, Xanthe Sulzberger, is on leave after parents and students engaged in sit-in protests at board meetings.

Students told Newshub there had been protests for months after Sulzberger left them without an appropriate Samoan language teacher.

Around 200 parents also attended a Board of Trustees meeting for a peaceful sit-in, joining protests.

A statutory intervention is a process whereby the Ministry supports schools which need help with operational risks, or risks to the welfare or educational performance of students.

Ministry of Education head of sector enablement and support Katrina Casey.

Deputy secretary sector enablement and support Katrina Casey said the Ministry offered support and was closely monitoring the situation at the school.

“The McAuley High Board of Trustees is currently working through a confidential personnel matter.

“We have requested an urgent meeting with the board chair and [Catholic] Diocese to discuss these matters,” Casey said.

Board of Trustees chairwoman Jo Tongotea told Newshub the principal is “on leave”. It is speculated former principal Anne Miles will replace Sulzberger.

Casey would not comment further on the discussions which have taken place about the situation at McAuley High School.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further until those discussions have taken place and we have had an opportunity to decide whether or not, or what form any support will take,” she said.

Source: NZ Herald


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