There are mixed reactions over serious misspending by certain schools.

An Auditor General’s report highlighted 21 schools that spent excessive amounts of money.

Blockhouse Bay Intermediate was revealed to have not passed on $3700 that it collected specifically for Fiji flood victims, instead using the money for school purposes.

Dev Sachindra Prasad of Humm FM, which raised $30,000 for the Fiji flood victims, said the people were in desperate need.

“This is totally outrageous. It is so terrible. This is a complete breach of public trust.”

Another school, Kingsford School, last year gave its principal $10,000 worth of travel vouchers as a leaving gift.

Board Chair Helen Te Pania said the principal was with the school for 22 years and turned their finances around leaving the school with a healthy bank balance.

“We were aware that it was a lot of money, but we felt he was entitled that money. I honestly have no regrets with it.”

She said they have already had a slap on the wrist over it.

“He’d been an excellent principal. When he started, we had no financial reserves in the bank. When he left, we had considerable financial reserves in the bank.”

The Education Minister Chris Hipkins has instructed the Ministry to ask some hard questions to schools that have been identified.

“Basically give them a please explain, and then we will consider any further action could or should be taken, but I think the reality is, in many cases, its too late.”


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