More than 2000 people have applied to teach in New Zealand following the launch of an overseas recruitment drive to attract 850 more teachers, Education Minister Chris Hipkins says.

Speaking today at the NZ Principals Federation conference in Wellington, Hipkins said 2284 candidates had applied for teaching jobs in New Zealand.

So far, 315 had been assessed and were considered ready to teach.

“I am told by the ministry, however, that the school assessment and interview process has only started for about one third of them – 115 applicants,” Hipkins told the conference.

He urged the principals engage with recruitment companies early.

“When you know there’s a vacancy at your school, please get in touch with them. Ask how they can help, ask them about the candidates they are getting, tell them the type of person you want,” Hipkins said.

The Government announced earlier this month it was ramping up efforts to attract more than the 850 teachers estimated to be needed in primary and secondary education, with an extra $10.5 million in funding, grants of $10,000 for schools to get more graduate teachers into classrooms and $5m more for overseas relocation grants and finder’s fees.

Source: NZ Herald


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