By: Melissa Nightingale

More than 2000 submissions have flooded in over the proposed name change for Victoria University of Wellington.

The university’s vice-chancellor, Professor Grant Guilford, said in May that international analysis had shown the “very high quality” of the university’s research and teaching “isn’t being as well recognised offshore as it should be”.

Victoria University of Wellington could soon become the University of Wellington.

A name change was proposed so the university did not get confused with others of the same name around the world.

Although only 90 people attended three public meetings on the proposal, hundreds made submissions during a public consultation phase that ended yesterday.

More than 400 submissions came in before a draft decision on July 27 to change the name to University of Wellington, and more than 1700 submissions have been made since then.

The university council voted unanimously on July 27 to recommend that the Minister of Education approve University of Wellington as the new legal name for the university, as well as adopt a new Māori name of Te Herenga Waka.

The draft decision also included a commitment to the ongoing use of the word “Victoria” to ensure its heritage is honoured and maintained.

Chancellor Neil Paviour-Smith said not all of the feedback received in the submission period had been collated yet, with much of what was received over the weekend and yesterday yet to be recorded.

“However, what has been collated includes feedback from more than 1700 students, staff, stakeholders, alumni and others,” he said.

“The university will be analysing the themes contained in the feedback and a full report will go to the university council meeting on 24 September.”

Source: NZ Herald



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