A career as a cop seems appealing to many Kiwis. Photo / File

Kiwis considering a change of career in 2019 are most curious about becoming a police officer, according to the Government’s online job database.

However, on commercial job listings website YUDU, the top searched jobs this year were quite different for those quickly seeking new employment.

The Government’s CareersNZ website provides a detailed, up-to-date rundown of the pay, employment prospects, and training requirements for more than 400 specific jobs.

A top-10 list of the most searched jobs between January 1 and March 31 this year had “police officer” top across the nation, as well as top in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Police officer remained in the top search spot from the last quarter of 2018, but there were several new inclusions to the CareersNZ national Top-10 including flight attendant in sixth, paramedic (8th), electrician (9th) and air traffic controller (10th).

The data coincides with Police Minister Stuart Nash’s announcement in February that the number of frontline NZ Police officers has increased by 595 since the 2017/18 financial year.

Tertiary Education Commission chief executive Tim Fowler said a new study has found that, on average, any given job has valuable skills transferable to 12 other occupations.

“You might not think you have the skills required to switch careers but our research tells a different story,” Fowler said.

“A specific qualification or experience in a single job or industry should not limit your potential to transfer skills to other jobs and other industries.”

A Top-10 list of the most searched terms on NZME job listing website YUDU had little cross-over with the CareersNZ information website.

YUDU searches for “sales” jobs topped all others so far this year, followed by “retail” and “marketing”.

Within the CareersNZ top-10 searches, there were no jobs within these broad fields.

YUDU data shows that sales was consistently a top performer on the site, alongside the fields of health and construction.

The sites’ data overlapped in some areas with “accountant” the eighth most searched job on YUDU, and the fifth on CareersNZ and “teacher” the ninth most searched on YUDU, lining up with the fourth on CareersNZ of “secondary-school teacher’.

Top jobs on CareersNZ:

1.       Police officer

2.       Registered nurse

3.       Psychologist

4.       Secondary school teacher

5.       Accountant

6.       Flight attendant

7.       Aeroplane pilot

8.       Paramedic

9.       Electrician

10.     Air traffic controller

– New Zealand Herald


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