Copies of The Kitchen Science Cookbook, written by Dr Michelle Dickinson, will be gifted to every decile 1 and 2 primary school in the country. Photo / supplied

Copies of The Kitchen Science Cookbook will be gifted to every decile 1 and 2 primary school in the country.

The recipe book was written by Weekend Herald columnist Dr Michelle “Nanogirl” Dickinson, to bring an educational twist to cooking.

Every recipe is a science experiment that can done at home using easy-to-find ingredients costing less than $1.50.

Author Dr Michelle Dickinson said Nanogirl Labs was created with the belief that everyone should have access to quality STEM education.

“We’ve been thrilled to see so many teachers using the book to bring more science into their classrooms,” Dickinson said.

“This donation, made possible by our amazing supporters, means that thousands of children from all over New Zealand will have the opportunity to explore science in class.”

Co-Founder and CEO of Nanogirl Labs Joe Davis said nearly 450 copies of The Kitchen Science Cookbook were already on the way to classrooms around the country.

“As a social enterprise, our focus is to do well while doing good,” Davis said.

“The book has been a great success here at home and overseas – as a result, we’re able to support hundreds of teachers in some of New Zealand’s lowest socio-economic regions as they teach the next generation of innovators, inventors and explorers.

“Diversity in STEM fields matters, and we’re taking direct steps to make sure everyone has the opportunity to learn and take part in these fields.”

The book’s creator and publisher, Nanogirl Labs Ltd, is a social enterprise based in Auckland.

The book is available through their Buy One, Give One programme – for every copy of the book purchased directly from Nanogirl Labs, a copy is gifted to a family, school or community that would not otherwise be able to explore science in this way.

Source: NZ Herald


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