By Chelsea Boyle

A new principals’ coalition suggesting the Government’s review of NCEA warrants a review of its own has published full-page advertisements in national Sunday newspapers to air its criticism.

The coalition claims the review lacks the input of the secondary-school sector and was being conducted under too short a time period.

Nearly 40 secondary-school principals are in the group and gave the NCEA review a failing grade in the advertisement.

“Too rushed, Minister Hipkins,” the ad read.

“Not enough thought. Must do better for our young people.”

Massey High School principal Glen Denham, a coalition spokesman, said the group was born out of the sheer frustration with the process put in place by Minister of Education Chris Hipkins.

“The process is wrong, the minister is bulldozing this through and it is our young people who will pay the ultimate price,” Denham said.

“The timeframe is too short. The Government has allowed only 16 weeks to review a national educational qualification for the next 30 years.

“Five weeks of the process has passed, and still principals have not been consulted, rather they have been asked to act as ambassadors for a proposal they have had no input into.”

The process seemed to be disingenuous, Denham said.

The group sought a “review of the review”, he said.

“We want the Government to rewind, reorder, and reprioritise.

“Let’s start with fixing what is broken – starting with quality teacher supply, and work from there.”

Westlake Boys’ High School principal David Ferguson said the group formed because principals had been talking among themselves and found they shared the same concerns about the review and its timeframe.

However, there were different views among them on the way forward for the curriculum, he said.

National Party education spokeswoman Nikki Kaye had previously questioned how the multiple reviews being undertaken on the education sector would fit together.

“Of course there is a role for some, but this is getting a bit ridiculous,” she said.

Source: NZ Herald


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