The Minister recently announced a new approach to learning support services that will see the Ministry working directly with the schools and early learning services in a CoL to help identify and meet students’ needs. Key workers will be put in place to help work with the students and their families.

The announcement received a mixture of praise and censure from the sector; while many were pleased to see improved access to learning support services, unions were vocal in their criticism that the initiative appeared to be made available only to schools in a CoL.

An Education Central poll supported this stance, with 87 per cent agreeing that the new learning support programme should be extended to schools not in a CoL.

However, Minister Kaye says that while the pilot will initially be rolled out to CoL around the country, she intends to work with the sector to roll-out the programme to schools not in a CoL.

“Scaling up over the next 12 months is a significant next step in improving access to learning support,” she says.

“I intend to work with the education sector to look at access to more flexible and faster support for those schools and children not in communities of learning as well.”


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