1) Reduce public discrimination of schools and young people

By removing the decile system and its publication we can stop publicly labelling and funding schools by a number that reflects the neighbourhood characteristics rather than the teaching and learning in a school. This will help reduce schools and young people from being discriminated against. We want all young New Zealanders to have high aspirations for themselves and their school and community. I worry about a poverty of expectation that some young people have experienced due to the current decile system.

2) Investing in more accessible and comprehensive information for parents about schools and ECE’s

We will work with multiple education stakeholders and parents to invest in greater accessibility and readability of the Education Review office information. We want more parents to use this information and schools future strategic plans to consider a school rather than seeing the decile as a proxy for quality.

3) Investing in a new system which is fairer, anonymised and more sophisticated in terms of data to better allocate funding for disadvantage on potential need

This new Risk index system will better allocate funding on the need of schools to have more resource to help children at risk of not achieving. The information will be anonymised so that the school and the ministry of education will not know individual students that have generated the funding. We want to ensure in no way that this data could be used as a determinant for these children. The school will then choose as they do now with the decile system which students they believe need particular resources. We have other mechanisms in our education system that provide direct support for additional learning needs and those will continue. This is about making sure schools are better funded for the proportion of children they have at risk of not achieving.

4) Shift to provide more real time changes in funding and need by an annual recalculation instead of every 5 years (like decile)

The new system will provide more real time changes in funding annually. This also means that it is less likely there will be the large swings or changes in funding as has happened with the 5 year cycle of decile funding.

5) We will provide more funding so no school, early learning centre of nga Kohanga Reo loses. (In fact many more schools and ECE will get more funding)

The reason we want to invest more is that we know we have an education system that has demonstrated it is not as good as other countries to be able to push up against disadvantage. While we have done better in some areas such as significantly lifting achievement for Maori and Pacifika students we need to do better for all students.

Source: Nikki Kaye Facebook


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