By: Aimee Shaw

The revamped version of the Nokia 3310 goes on sale in New Zealand next week. Photo / Supplied

Nokia has relaunched a futuristic version of its classic 3310 mobile phone.

The Finnish-owned company headquartered in Helsinki first launched the model of mobile phone in September 2000.

The revamped version of the phone complete with the game Snake and 3G will be available through telecommunications provider Spark from next week for $99.

Mark Trundle, regional general manager of HMD Global, a Finnish company affiliated with Nokia, said the relaunch was designed to play on nostalgia.

“In a world dominated by smartphones, the mix of nostalgia and a beautiful phone that just keeps going has captured people’s imagination,” Trundle said.

“Our fans around the world have been asking for this iconic phone to support 3G. Fans asked, we listened, and today we’re pleased to announce the Nokia 3310 3G arrival in New Zealand.”

The Nokia 3310 interface has been improved, allowing users to customise the colour and position of icons, has more spacing between buttons and is available in two colours – red and black in New Zealand.

It has a built in FM radio, a MP3 music player and a standard headphone jack.

HMD chief marketing officer Pekka Rantal said he was optimistic about the sale of the revamped phones.

“We have already been selling millions of Nokia smartphones and tens of millions when it comes to basic Nokia phones,” he said.

Source: NZ Herald


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