Think your school caretaker does a great job? From today people can nominate their school’s caretaker to win $10,000 worth of products for their school and a long weekend away.

The Hits and STIHL SHOP have partnered to grow appreciation for one of the most crucial members of school staff teams: the caretaker.

From today, listeners can nominate a school caretaker in their community on The Hits website. All that’s required is a blurb, and a photo or video of why their caretaker deserves to win.

The winner will receive $10,000 worth of STIHL SHOP products for the school to help keep the grounds in tip top condition, and the deserving caretaker will be sent on a long weekend away.

Stace Hall, STIHL SHOP Marketing Manager, says that caretakers do a fantastic job and deserve recognition.

“We feel that school caretakers should be rewarded for all the hard work they do. They make schools such great spaces for Kiwi kids and we want to provide them with the tools to help them continue their awesome work. We think they deserve a long weekend away on us!”

The Hits local hosts are encouraging schools in their area to enter; they want the win to be in their home town.

Troy Scott, The Hits Day Show host for Greymouth believes they have a solid case for the win.

“Schools around the West Coast would be absolutely stoked to win this competition. The caretakers really put in the hard yards over here, dealing with all four seasons in one day, every day!

However, The Hits Northland Day Show host Charmaine disagrees.

“Many schools in Northland are on the back of a bush block. The kids here still play in the bush and it’s the caretakers who clear the bush to make room for the students to play safely.

The tools would be a massive saving on school budget, as many Northland schools don’t have funding to buy new tools; many caretakers actually use their own tools.”

The competition is open to schools all over New Zealand, and is open until June 8. Drive hosts Stace and Flynny will choose the winner based on the most deserving entry.


  1. Our caretaker, Ross Lay is so strong! When he prunes trees in our forest, he leaves the branches on the ground so we can make cool-as huts with them. He is always growing baby trees for us to plant so our forest becomes strong and healthy. This is giving us fresh air and also stopping the noise of the motorway.
    Ross always says hi to us and he gets our balls down from the roof or from the trees. We love Ross and we think he is like a Super-Hero. He is the master at doing our bins. The compost goes to Papatuanuku and feeds our trees, our worms, our flowers, our vegetables and our grass. Our recycling gets re-used and our paper gets re-used as well. Matua Ross looks after our bees and he helps them make by planting flowers around the school. We think you should choose Matua Ross because he is just AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Kia Ora Stace and the team from The Hits
    We’re almost too scared to tell you how awesome our caretaker is because…someone might steal him! During the last 4 years whilst I have been principal at Rewa Rewa School, Al our caretaker has been on a mission. With the change in principal, he realised he had a like-minded person who could help him to improve our school BIG TIME! First on the agenda was to turn our icy, ‘4 weeks a year’ swimming pool into a covered ($120 000 German roll back style), heated (32 degree heat pumps installed), new showers and hot water, camera installation as well as assisting to get Easyswim contracted to run swimming lessons for our school as well as availability for all local schools and their students in the Newlands and J’ville area to use. Al was of the strong belief that school pools need to be saved and that our children need to know how to swim. We have very rightly named our pool The Al Pearce Pool. The next major project that Al instigated was installing solar power panels so that we could afford to run the pool year long as well as save on power bills for the school – meaning more money for teaching and learning including the opportunity for our students to access the solar power reports to inform their decisions about power for their future homes (Al is a long-term kind of man). He has invented new drinking fountains along with the help of our senior class and found someone to produce aluminium fish to raise funds for our pool mural.The only problem I suppose with Al, if it could be called that, is that you can always bet that once a mission has been completed – the next one will be on the back burner waiting to hatch such as the Adventure Playground – he can’t fix the broken pieces anymore – we need to fund and build a new one. Al is passionate about making our school the best it can be for our students, teachers and families and our roll has grown from 68 to 100 during this time as we continue to thrive. PS Important point to note – Al’s PAID weekly hours total 15 – 3 hours per day! So… is Al Rewa Rewa school’s superman caretaker and does he deserve The Hits award – a BIG FAT YES!!


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