New Zealand students can now combine a full-time online education with attendance at any of the Inspired Education Group schools in New Zealand and around the globe.

The Inspired Education Group owns and operates an international network of over 60 schools across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America – educating more than 50,000 students. In New Zealand it owns and operates the four ACG colleges in Auckland and Tauranga.

Inspired has now developed a unique new school – Kings Online – which combines the best teaching practices of its schools around the world, the latest online learning techniques and opportunities to attend any of Inspired’s international network of schools. This combination of online classes and short stays in prestigious schools around the world will ensure Kings Online students graduate with an international education and global connections to match.

Kings Online is accepting enrolments now and will start classes for New Zealand students in January 2021. It will launch in China at the same time; while the United Kingdom and the rest of the northern hemisphere will follow at the start of their next school year in September 2021.

“Kings Online will be unique in that it is the first online school launched by a premium global group of schools, enabling its students to access prestigious physical schools around the world to complement their online learning. This new project enables even more children to access the best of an international curriculum and allows them to open the doors to the world’s best universities,” says Nadim Nsouli, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Inspired.

“It is always a pleasure to launch a new school, and even more so to launch the first of its type in the world. Many parents have commented on the success of our digital offering during this pandemic which motivated us to imagine an all-online school.

“Our programme is well-suited for a wide-ranging audience. It appeals to parents wanting an international education for their children, and who may be concerned about their child being educated in an unfamiliar environment – especially in light of the ongoing pandemic.”

Students will take part in live, real-time lessons and small tutor-led study groups. The lessons will also be recorded and made available online for any student not able to join in at the scheduled class time. Weekly performance tracking assessments will provide feedback for students and their parents.

The focus is on selecting teachers who are leaders in their field and who have proven camera and online skills; then providing them with access to the very latest in digital educational tools.

Kings Online will offer internationally recognised AS and A level subjects, leading to qualifications understood and accepted by all leading universities worldwide, including Oxbridge and Ivy League universities.

Students can apply for an in-school experience at any of the Inspired schools, such as the four ACG schools in New Zealand, Reddam House in Sydney, the prestigious St George’s in Switzerland or Reddam House in Berkshire, England. Or they could take part in special interest programmes such as summer or winter camps delivered with leading Inspired partners, including the Real Madrid Football Foundation or the Berklee College of Music.

“A Kings Online student might choose to physically attend schools on a different continent each year of their secondary school education. These short stay programmes are much more manageable than committing to a year or two in an overseas school while the world is still dealing with COVID-19,” says Clarence van der Wel, Inspired’s Chief Executive Asia Pacific.

Kings Online will have huge appeal for students wanting a premium international education –especially where their normal location or lifestyle precludes attendance at school every day and where boarding school is not an option.

This includes students whose families normally travel a lot, students who have other commitments that make normal school attendance difficult (such as elite sports training or other extracurricular activities), or students with health issues that preclude regular school attendance.

Kings Online is more affordable than other private education options, with annual fees of around $12,000 for the online programme.

“We are also offering the opportunity to future-proof a student’s education. We have all learned a lot recently about being ready for the unexpected – whether that is COVID-19, earthquakes or a change in a student’s home location. Many parents want to ensure their child’s education will continue uninterrupted, wherever they are and whatever is happening around them,” says Clarence.

About Inspired Education

  • Inspired Education operates over 60 schools around the globe.
  • New Zealand’s ACG schools became part of the Inspired Group in 2019.
  • Kings Online is the latest school in the Inspired stable. It caters for students aged 16-18 years in New Zealand.
  • Inspired has an exemplary track record in academic achievement – 90 per cent of Inspired students worldwide achieve entry to their first choice of university.
  • Kings Online will offer Pearson Edexcel qualifications delivered via the Canvas web-based online learning management system.
  • New Zealand students studying full-time with Kings Online will pay annual fees of around $12,000. There are additional charges for in-school attendance at another Inspired school.
  • Kings Online takes its heritage from Inspired’s Kings College group of schools – with seven schools across Europe and the Americas. It has no relationship with Kings College Auckland.

Inspired website

Kings Online website


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