The “Vote for Me, Vote for Education” postcard campaign and pledge was launched this morning, with the help of children from Wellington’s Te Aro School.

Vote for Me, Vote for Education is about reminding New Zealanders what’s at stake when decisions are made about public education – and that’s the hopes, dreams and future of our children,” NZEI President Lynda Stuart said.

“We’re asking New Zealanders to sign our pledge to vote for children this September by supporting parties that promise to ensure schools and ECE services have better funding, for better learning. This includes an immediate funding jolt for schools and ECE, more teachers, much better access to support for children with additional learning needs, and a much stronger focus on the cultural and language needs of Maori and Pasifikia children.

“Every one who signs the pledge is sending a loud and clear message to parties, MPs and candidates—that they can count on our vote if they commit to a well resourced, public education system that sets kids up for life,” Mrs Stuart said.

To learn more about the policy, visit here.


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